Commercial Sector Construction – February 2023

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A commercial building project served as the impetus for the founding of Horizon Construction in 1999. Now, 24 years later, we have been entrusted with a variety of projects in this sector with a combined value in excess of £100m.

I believe our emphasis on service quality is distinctive and refreshing for our clients. Through our expertise and approach to building strong, transparent and collaborative relationships, our clients’ corporate identities and strategic goals have been enriched through our unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality and supportive service.

This sector-specific publication highlights our current and recent projects, with particular demand for industrial units and mixed-use facilities. Please get in touch, or explore our website and social media channels, for more information.

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Commercial Construction Expertise

Commercial Sector Construction Expertise Video

Watch our short video covering a wide range of commercial-sector projects.

Horizon Construction’s typical construction project is valued between £500k and £10m (per annum). Our team has fulfilled an extensive range of commercial and industrial projects, including conversions and new design and builds.

Commercial Sector Projects

Mixed-use commercial unit at Haverhill Business Park, Suffolk

Horizon Construction started construction works in December on a £2.8m contract to build a bespoke storage, office and production facility at Haverhill Business Park, Suffolk. 

The project team includes the continued relationship with the project management team at Real8 Group, as well as working with a new architectural team.


Industrial unit in Tendring, Essex

Horizon Construction is underway with a £2.2m contract to deliver the first industrial premises in the UK for a large Italian company. Bruno Generators Group (BGG) is recognised as a leading global manufacturer of high specification rental diesel powered generators.

"Pick Everard has a long-established relationship with Horizon Construction. Their construction team is always professional, highly competent and dependable in their role. They have a very good understanding of their duties and the individual needs of their clients. The quality of completed projects is excellent and the process of getting there is efficient and a pleasant experience."
Pick Everard
Pick Everard

Mixed-use business centre in Great Dunmow, Essex

The construction of a £2.8m mixed-use business centre in Great Dunmow involves a bespoke design to accommodate the client’s requirement for a versatile facility. New utility services to the site have required extensive planning with service and infrastructure providers.

Our team is working with the project managers at Real8 Group, architectural team at Inkpen Downie and the structural engineers at WA Consulting Engineers.

Industrial units in Harold Wood, London

Our team delivered a number of industrial units of varying sizes in separate phases. Construction involved traditional foundations, steel frames with twin skins, composite cladding and power floated concrete floors. The project management was provided by the client and the architectural team was Arcady Architects. For more information, click here.


"One of the principal attractions of Horizon Construction’s modus operandi is the transparency of the financial aspect. Right from the onset, through to the payment of contractors and suppliers, it is possible to see exactly where one's money is being spent and variations, both positive and negative, are easy to identify and understand. We have built up an extremely good relationship with all members of the team."
Pertwee Estates logo
Pertwee Estates

Commercial retail property in Stanton, Suffolk

As part of a £2.8m scheme to create six individually designed residential properties in Stanton, Suffolk, this live project includes a commercial retail property for a leading supermarket brand. We are working with a new client, Foundation Property & Capital Group, to bring their vision to life.


Phase 2 of business park in Ardleigh, Essex

Our £5.1m contract at Apex 12 business park in Ardleigh, Essex, is another example of our range of commercial sector projects and expertise. The second phase of construction works at Apex 12 involves the creation of an additional 26,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. The project team recently hosted a topping out ceremony for our client, NEEB Holdings.

This project continues our strong working relationship with Wincer Kievenaar Architects.


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