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Welcome to the summer edition of our Construction News publication which contains a roundup of news from across our construction sectors: automotive, commercial, education, healthcare and residential. 

Summer is typically a season when many of us take a week or two off and divert our attention, albeit temporarily, from our professional lives. Escapism, which was once thought to have negative implications, is now seen as another way to improve our mental health. After all, we could all do a better job of taking care of ourselves.

I was proud to host Horizon Construction’s first charity golf event in May and raise an amazing £2,500 for The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity (the only UK charity that provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to our industry). The charity’s hard work has raised vital awareness of the wellbeing and welfare challenges in our industry. Please read our article “Charity Golf Day – Hintlesham” for more information about this charity and our event.

Our industry is currently undergoing unprecedented turmoil due to a perfect storm of economic, environmental and social factors. Our businesses are being thrown about by a range of external factors which have been brewing over the last three years, at least. To summarise, our industry is witnessing significant challenges and change; perhaps not seen on this scale for many decades. One thing is for certain: our industry for many people and businesses will not look the same within the next couple of years. Horizon Construction’s article in the next edition of Essex Director, I talk about how ‘quality in construction is being compromised’ and the approaches to addressing some of the key challenges.

Our estimating and commercial teams have been extremely busy recently, especially with new business enquiries from developers with failures in their supply chain and main contractor – a consequence of the industry issues I mentioned above. A special feature in this edition looks at our expertise in delivering smaller construction projects and those valued up to £3m. Horizon Construction’s growth and reputation have been built around its adaptability and flexibility to deliver a wide range of projects.

As usual, the contents of this publication include a roundup of news from all our live and new projects across our five construction sectors. Our projects in Tendring (industrial unit) and Braintree (75-bed care home) are nearing completion.

There’s plenty for you to discover in this edition, so please let me know if you have any questions and if there is an opportunity for Horizon Construction to support you in a current or future project. You can also now explore our experience in each of our construction sectors through dedicated pages on our website: Automotive, Commercial, Education, Healthcare and Residential.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took part in and donated to our recent charity 5-a-side football tournament. Once again, we raised a terrific amount of money for St Helena Hospice in Colchester.

Enjoy the summer and your escape!

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Phil Holding

Special feature on construction projects under £3m

At Horizon Construction, we have a wealth of experience in construction projects under £3m. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with these types of projects, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

Some of the benefits of working with us on a construction project up to £3m include:

  • Personalised attention: A dedicated team will give your project the personalised attention it deserves. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and we will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the project.
  • Flexibility: We are flexible and adaptable, which allows us to quickly respond to changes in your project requirements. We are also able to work with you to find creative solutions to any challenges that may arise.
  • Value: Our broad expertise in all types and sizes of projects gives our clients the confidence they require. You’ll have access to our entire team to provide solutions and advice throughout your project. Our approach to construction is the same for all our clients and projects.

Our Small Works Service also provides minor building, decorating and maintenance services within the Colchester area. Our skilled, trusted and dependable tradespeople undertake all types of work. So, whether it’s redecorating or refurbishing your workplace, replacing floors, fixtures and fittings, or requiring alterations to your building, our friendly team is ready to help with all your requirements.

Examples of projects up to £3m in each of our core construction sectors are below – Automotive, Commercial, Education, Healthcare and Residential.

If you are considering a construction project up to £3m, please contact us for more information.

A better view of construction video

Automotive projects

LIVE: Automotive service centre in Norwich, Norfolk

Horizon Construction is delivering a new service centre for Group 1 Automotive’s Volkswagen dealership in Norwich. The £1.3m scheme will involve the creation of a two-storey facility on the client’s existing site.

After commencing construction works in the Spring, our team has completed the demolition, removal and preparation stages of this scheme. We are now progressing with the first M&E fix. The project will be completed in the autumn.

We are delighted to be working with Group 1 Automotive and SDA Architects on another construction solution in the automotive sector.

Commercial projects

LIVE: Mixed-use business centre in Great Dunmow, Essex

Construction works on a £2.8m mixed-use business centre in Great Dunmow will be completed soon. The facility within Bluegates Farm includes a building containing six commercial units and office space, landscaped surroundings and a car park. 

The project has involved significant planning to reroute utility services, widen the main road and provide new access to the site. All work on the main road will be completed at the end of July. The remaining fit-out of units will be completed by the end of the summer. 

Our team has been working with the project managers at Real8 Group, the architectural team at Inkpen Downie and the structural engineers at WA Consulting Engineers.

LIVE: Mixed-use commercial unit at Haverhill Business Park, Suffolk

The construction of a £2.8 bespoke storage, office and production facility at Haverhill Business Park, Suffolk, for a new client. Following the commencement of works on site in December, the structure is now in place and progressing well. All cladding is being completed and internal work is ongoing. The project will be completed in Q4 of this year.

Our team is working with the project management team at Real8 Group on another impressive industrial and commercial solution.

LIVE: Industrial unit in Tendring, Essex

In Tendring, Essex, our team is creating a versatile £2.2m industrial unit, which will be the first premises in the UK for a leading global manufacturer of diesel generators.

The building is complete and the loading bay for the new facility will be finalised soon. External works, including paving and pond formation, will also be completed within the next phase of the project. The team is excited to hand over this new facility to our new client in Q4 of this year.

LIVE: Retail unit in Stanton, Suffolk

As part of a combined £2.8m commercial and residential scheme in Stanton, Suffolk, a new retail unit is being formed for our new client, Foundation Property & Capital Group.

The retail unit will soon be handed over to the fit-out team for a leading supermarket brand.

Education projects

NEW: Ipswich Academy, Suffolk

Horizon Construction is delighted to be awarded a £215k contract at Ipswich Academy to refurbish a food technology teaching block and classroom. Our team is on site and underway with works during the school’s summer holiday period.

We are pleased to be working with building design consultants at Concertus on this project. Completion photographs will be in the next edition. 

NEW: The Palmer Catholic Academy, Essex

Horizon Construction is pleased to be awarded a £335k contract at The Palmer Catholic Academy in Ilford, Essex, to carry out remedial works to RAAC roof planks. Our team is underway with works and the project will be completed by the start of their new academic year in September.

We are delighted to be working again in the education sector with the team at PCH Associates and looking forward to sharing the completion photographs in the next edition.

Healthcare projects

LIVE: 75-Bed care home in Braintree, Essex

Later this summer, our team will begin the handover of Braintree Mews Care Home in Braintree, Essex, to Avery Healthcare Group. This new £8m 75-bed care home will join their portfolio of nationwide award-winning care homes. 

Our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with Avery and other members of the project team to bring to life a remarkable new care home.

External landscaping is progressing well. Internally, we are closing out zones for a phased completion. Final decorations are being completed and the carpet is being laid. 

The project delivery team includes the architects at Harris Irwin, project managers at Holden & Lee, and mechanical and electrical consultants at Harniss Consulting.

Residential projects

LIVE: 122 new homes in Wickford, Essex

The construction of a 122-home scheme in Wickford, Essex, for Sanctuary.

The £18m project for Sanctuary, a leading social housing and care provider, will create a range of affordable and energy-efficient housing. The new development will contain a mixture of one and two bedroom properties, across two apartment blocks, for rent and shared ownership. All works are expected to be completed in 2024. (Read more >>)

The RC Frame to podium is complete as the external works continue and the lightweight steel frame is due to commence in August which is when we will start to see quick progression on the site and the formation of the exterior structure.

Horizon Construction is collaborating with many leading local partners in the construction process, including Wincer Kievenaar Architects, Superstructures, JSH and Ingent.

Gateway House Construction - CGI 1

LIVE: Six new houses in Stanton, Suffolk

The combined £2.8m residential and commercial scheme in Stanton, Suffolk, will deliver six houses for our new client, Foundation Property & Capital Group.

Work on the new houses and associated area will be completed at the end of this year.

Small works service

Our Small Works Service provides minor building, decorating and maintenance services within the Colchester area. Our skilled, trusted and dependable tradespeople undertake all types and sizes of work. So, whether it’s redecorating or refurbishing your workplace, replacing floors, fixtures and fittings, or requiring alterations to your building, our friendly team is ready to help with all your requirements. Contact us for a quote.

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