Carbon Policy

Horizon Construction (East Anglia) Ltd is a national business and its activities cover design coordination and construction management of building projects including, new build, or refurbishment for a wide range of market sectors.

We are committed to working towards preventing global warming and will work with our customers and suppliers so that together we can build a more sustainable future through collaborative decision making.

To help make positive changes we will focus our efforts on four key elements:

  • Carbon emissions resulting from employee business travel.
  • Carbon emissions resulting from site activities.
  • Carbon emissions resulting from our offices.
  • Working with our clients and supply chain on reducing their energy use and emissions.

We aim to generating a culture that places low carbon working practices at the heart of our business process through the provision of robust data and informed decision-making.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and as such will aim to achieve Net Zero no later than 2045.

This Policy will be formally reviewed on an annual basis.

Overall responsibility and leadership for implementation rests with the Senior Management Team.