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Automotive Sector Construction

For 25 years, Horizon Construction has built a reputation on strong and valued relationships across all of its construction sectors. This page provides a summary of our construction work in the automotive sector.

Our construction projects in this sector represent a combined value of over £30m. We have delivered new facilities across East Anglia, South East and London, and undertake projects valued between £500k and £10m (per annum).

Our team has fulfilled an extensive range of automotive projects from refurbishment and rebranding to new design and builds. Our expertise and experience are demonstrated across several high-end automotive brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche.

Through our reputation in this sector, we are recognised as a trusted main contractor for high-quality solutions and services. Our professionalism in all stages of construction ensures the expectations of our clients are delivered with confidence. We truly believe our approach to service quality is refreshing and unique.


Our latest automotive sector-focused newsletter highlights completed automotive construction projects valued at over £30m.

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