Use of Social Media on Construction Sites

The use of social media, comprising social media networks and social messaging applications, on our construction sites is strictly controlled by Horizon Construction. A policy is in place to minimise the risks to our business through the use of these networks and applications. It applies to all businesses and their employees when visiting or working at our construction sites, including project teams, sub-contractors and suppliers. Permission is required before any use of social media for the purposes and conditions outlined in this document. 

This policy may be updated at any time, so we recommend revisiting this page for the latest information before each time any activity is commenced. 

The definition of “social media” in this policy applies to the use of all social media networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc), social messaging applications (e.g. WhatsApp, Apple Messages etc), and activities involving the creation of promotional/marketing materials such as photography and video. It incorporates the use of social media for personal use as well as business purposes, but excludes social messaging for business operational purposes e.g. the internal recording and reporting of related construction works.

Horizon Construction recognises the benefits and opportunities that the use of social media can bring to our business, our clients’ business, and the businesses and individuals involved in our construction projects. In particular, the use of social media can be important for marketing purposes, such as building relationships with current and potential customers and creating awareness of services. Therefore, Horizon Construction is keen to encourage the use of social media, as well as photography and video, at our construction sites to highlight the excellence and quality of work.

As the main contractor and a company focused on high standards and safety in construction, any social media and promotional activity that captures the work on our sites, requires our approval before content is planned, created or published/sent/posted. For content created or used without our permission, the person and business will be in breach of our policy and Horizon Construction will take remedial action against those responsible, which, at the very least, will require the content to be claimed and removed. Horizon Construction can also remove a person(s) from its construction site who is undertaking unauthorised activities.

For authorised content:

  • The site’s health and safety protocols and procedures apply when undertaking social media activities. The site manager should be aware and advise on your activities whilst they occur.
  • We encourage further communication with Horizon Construction’s marketing team to assist with the creation, promotion and sharing of your content. This will also ensure your content is compliant against all liabilities and responsibilities, including those applicable to particular construction sites and clients. 
  • Use the relevant “tag” or reference to Horizon Construction in your published content. 
  • Do not use Horizon Construction’s logo, branding or site signage in your content without Horizon Construction’s permission.   
  • Ensure the project details and information are accurate if a description is provided in your content – Horizon Construction’s marketing team can assist.
  • Content should not be defamatory or incur liability for Horizon Construction or any other business or person.
  • For the protection and privacy of all people and businesses at our construction sites, including the local residences and businesses located around our sites, additional permission and consent will need to be obtained and recorded if they are included in your content. The liability of any breaches of any data and privacy regulations in your content will be the responsibility of the individual and/or business undertaking social media activity. 
  • Horizon Construction maintains the right for any content to be corrected or removed/deleted immediately if found to be inappropriate, incorrect, misleading, does not have consent/permission, breaches any construction practices, or brings the company or an employee into disrepute.
  • Published content from our construction sites should not be associated with or endorse any product, service or person that is not related to your business and work involved at our construction site without permission from Horizon Construction.
  • Scope of authorised social media content only includes the approved activities by Horizon Construction. If the scope of the content changes to the approved activities, further or new approval will be required. 

For employees of Horizon Construction and their use of social media, this policy should be read alongside other key policies.

Please use the following form if you have any questions about this policy and to obtain approval for the use of social media and content.

Privacy statement

Your privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to us. We are committed to maintaining your trust by protecting the information we collect about you. We therefore fully endorse and adhere to the data protection regulations within the UK (see Privacy Policy). 

For social media enquiries, the personal information you provide will allow us to respond to your enquiry. This information will not be used for any other purpose without your consent.